BH Media is a bunch of guys and girls who have been around the block a few times. We all did our time in the big agencies and decided to do our best to create something better – for ourselves, our clients and, to be honest, for our own sanity.

Who We Are


We get excited about our work and we love to introduce new things into the market. Whether it’s through groundbreaking tech, or good, old fashioned storytelling, we get a kick out of creating solutions that truly add value and really build brands. In a nutshell, we enjoy doing some really cool stuff and having as much fun as possible doing it.

We don’t do massive egos, excessive buzz words, or ridiculously inflated line items in never ending lists on invoices. Teamwork is a big thing, innovation is awesome and the brand is always the rock star.

Advertising is supposed to be an exciting journey and that’s the way we approach it… we just add a few beers into the equation every now and then.