Welcome To BluHorizon Media

For more than a century, the flickering of light has brought us some of the most breathtaking moments of brilliance. Whether it was Charlie Chaplin delivering silent smiles, or Spielberg resurrecting dinosaurs, film has dictated our emotions and shaped new realities on an unprecedented scale.

To this day, video content continues to break new ground. With the increasing proliferation of quality internet access, we are consuming our information through audio visuals more than ever before. We have become a generation of movie junkies – and it’s set to continue, and grow, for quite some time.

The world of audio visual communication is where BluHorizon Media finds our purpose and our true excitement. Not only are we completely in love with creating and crafting content, but also in finding new ways of delivering it to audiences.

Audiovisual in the modern communication mix.

Audio Visual content has always been an important part of the communication mix. When done correctly, videos have an extraordinary ability to evoke emotion, create brand identity and drive behaviour.

It’s this uncanny ability that ensured a prominent place on tv and cinema, as well as the good old internal communication platforms.

The past decade or so, however, has seen a big change in both the production and distribution of AVs. Advances in technology has made it possible for movies to be produced for less than previously possible and also increased their reach in online and social platforms.

On the flipside, PVR technology and streaming services have made it possible for consumers to skip, or miss television ads completely. Although it’s certainly not all doom and gloom for television commercials, marketers are increasingly finding alternative broadcast options for their audiovisual work.

One of the areas that BluHorizon Media focuses on, is the retail environment. With some pretty exciting hardware coming in, it’s possible to communicate to consumers at the point of decision making, turning footfall into sales.